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This function is perhaps the most important of any good security program. It must be a highly structured program capable of achieving the desired result. Obviously, basing the anticipated wage rates at attractive level helps a company attract and retain highly motivated and dedicated personnel.

Our other recruitment methods are quite innovating, and work very well. We have access to the Department of Consumer Affairs, the State of California's listing for all licensed officers. We can solicit them for possible job placement for our accounts. In addition to this method, we contact qualified security training schools for candidates and possible placement of their graduates. The individuals from these sources are well trained, and most have made a personal commitment to the private security field. Additionally, we are maintaining a liaison with the law enforement administrators at all our local colleges, which have police science curriculum. Their graduates have proven to be very good employees.

Each applicant goes through a multi-step program to gain employment. First a specially designed application is completed. The application is designed to meet the EEO and ADA criteria.

Every officer, accepted and employed by Nation Wide Security Services INC, Security Services INC, will possess valid state permits and have them in his/her possession at all times while on duty. Those permits are issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs and must correspond to such items as:

  • Guard registration
  • Firearms
  • Baton
  • Tear Gas
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Military & Law enforeced trained Supervisor.


Nation Wide Security Services INC,staff works 24 hours a day by trained dispatchers who maintain constant radio communication; this enables us to offer instant assistance to officers in the field.

Supervisor and radio-equiped patrol cars will arrive at the building site on an unscheduled basis. Field supervisors will fill out a security officer evaluation form, which will include but is not limited to, check for the security officer, uniform appearance, daily reports, or any other special reports.

As a service to you, our supervisors will patrol your property off hours absolutely free of charge on an unscheduled basis.

It is through this process of close supervision that we are able to maintain a constant line of communication with our officers, supervisors in field, the client and the main office. Each client knows that everyone within the organization is personally involved in assuring that the best quality of service is delivered.

Comprehensive security officer supervision is unique to Nation Wide Security Services INC,It is in our best interest to evaluate the performance of a security officer who is assigned to protect your property.